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Detroit is happy to introduce his new line of all natural grooming products!  Developed based on customer feedback and specific issues Detroit has observed, each product is carefully crafted to provide solutions to the most common hair and skin issues.  Included in this initial launch are the following products: 

Wolverine Shampoo – Hair strengthening and regrowth formula designed for those with any thinning areas.  This shampoo can help to preserve and thicken existing hair and stimulate growth.  This special formula also consists of ingredients that contribute to a healthy scalp and therefore can help with dandruff and dry itchy scalp conditions.  ​

Spartan Aftershave – Developed especially for those with sensitive or acne prone skin, this formula will gently sooth and condition your skin post shave while relieving any common issues such as razor bumps, razor burn or rough patches.  Within days, you will notice considerably smoother and softer skin.  

Lion Beard Balm – Creamy beard balm designed for those with dry, prickly and unmanageable beard hair.  This formula delivers ultimate moisture to the beard hair and underlying skin resulting in a significantly more manageable, soft, shiny beard.  


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